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Next Payout: 08:00 UTC

下一次付款: 08:00 UTC

下一次付款: 08:00 UTC


By default, yiimp will adjust the difficulty of your miner automatically over time until you have from 5 to 15 submits per minute. It's a good trade off between bandwidth and accuracy.

预设情况下,yiimp会随着时间自动调整挖矿的难度,直到每分钟有5到15次提交。 这是频宽和准确性之间的一个权衡。

預設情況下,yiimp會隨著時間自動調整挖礦的難度,直到每分鐘有5到15次提交。 這是頻寬和準確性之間的一個權衡。

You can also set a fixed custom difficulty using the password parameter. For example, if you want to set the difficulty to 64, you would use:

您还可以使用密码参数设置固定的自定义难度。 例如,如果要将难度设置为64,则可以使用:

您還可以使用密碼參數設置固定的自定義難度。 例如,如果要將難度設置為64,則可以使用:

        -o stratum+tcp://<ALGO> -u wallet_adress -p d=64

Here are the accepted values for the custom diff:



Scrypt, Scrypt-N and Neoscrypt: from 2 to 65536

Scrypt, Scrypt-N 与 Neoscrypt: 由 2 至 65536

Scrypt, Scrypt-N 與 Neoscrypt: 由 2 至 65536

X11, X13, X14 and X15: from 0.002 to 0.512

X11, X13, X14 与 X15: 由 0.002 至 0.512

X11, X13, X14 與 X15: 由 0.002 至 0.512

Lyra2: from 0.01 to 2048

Lyra2: 由 0.01 至 2048

Lyra2: 由 0.01 至 2048

If the difficulty is set higher than one of the a mined coins, it will be forced down to fit the lowest coin's difficulty.